1. Web_Showcasing SectorialOmbudsman_ SA_WesternCapePoliceOmbudsman_Major General Oswald Reddy
    .pdf file (2.00 MB)
    Western Cape Police Ombudsman, showcasing Police Ombudsman
    Major General Oswald Reddy
    2022/08/30 11:39:04 AM
  2. Web_Showcasing SectorialOmbudsman_ SA_Military_Ombud_Lt Gen Vusumuzi Masondo
    .pdf file (347.51 KB)
    Ombudsman, South African Military Ombud (SAMO), showcasing Military Ombudsman
    Lt Gen (Ret) Vusumuzi Masondo
    2022/08/30 11:39:03 AM
  3. Web_Showcasing SectorialOmbudsman_ Municipal_Local Ombudsman Ghent_Ms Helena Nachtergaele
    .pdf file (1.94 MB)
    Ombudswoman of the City of Ghent (Belgium), showcasing Local government/municipal Ombudsman
    Ms Helena Nachtergaele
    2022/08/30 11:39:03 AM
  4. Web_Storage and Archiving_French_Burundi_Classement des Archives des Doccuments_
    .pdf file (172.37 KB)
    Classement des Archives des Documents
    Hon. Edouard Nduwimana - Ombudsman of Burundi
    2022/07/20 12:28:46 PM
  5. Web_Storage and Archiving_Ethiopia_Documents Storage and Archiving_personal data and processing
    .pdf file (2.21 MB)
    Protection and Processing of Personal data
    Dr. Endale Haile - Ombudsman Ethiopia
    2022/07/20 12:28:46 PM
  6. Web_Storage and Archiving of Document_English_Gestão de Arquivos e Armazenamento de documentos AORC-Inglês 12.07.2022
    .pdf file (842.90 KB)
    English_Gestão de Arquivos e Armazenamento de documentos AORC-Inglês
    Mr Aguinaldo Guedes - Deputy Ombudsman, Angola
    2022/07/20 12:28:45 PM
  7. Web_Effective Investigation_Justice Chizumila_What are the effective Investigation Techniques
    .pdf file (315.26 KB)
    What are the effective Investigation Techniques
    Justice Tujilane Rose Chizumila, Judge of the African Court on Human and People’s Right
    2022/07/20 12:06:39 PM
  8. Web_Effective Investigation_Fatimata Sanou_ stratégie d’enquête efficace,
    .pdf file (553.71 KB)
    Stratégie d’enquête efficace
    Hon. Fatimata Sanou - Mediateur du Faso
    2022/07/20 12:06:39 PM
  9. Web_Effective Investigation_Domonie Pierre_Guidelines for successful investigations
    .pdf file (1.18 MB)
    Guidelines for conducting successful Investigations
    Ms Domonie Pierre - Director Special Ombudsman Response Team Ombudsman Ontario
    2022/07/20 12:06:38 PM
  10. Web_Managing Evidence_Madeleine Nirere_Type of Evidence and Admissiblility Requirements
    .pdf file (1.97 MB)
    Type of Evidence and Admissibility Requirements
    Hon. Madeline Nirere - Ombudsman of Rwanda
    2022/07/20 12:00:52 PM
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