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Web_Mediation_mediation as a means of resolving disputes _Gabriel Savino_Ombudsman_Santa Fe_Argentina Value and guidelines of mediation as a means ofresolving disputes, as well as the work and tasks of the Ombudsman of Santa Fe's Mediation unit Hon. Gabriel Savino, Ombudsman of Santa Fe, Argentina .pdf January 26, 2023 347.45 KB Download
Web_Mediation_interest-based negotiation in resolving disputes_Chijioke Nnanna Ibeku_Nigeria Value and guidelines for interest-based negotiation in resolving disputes - Mr. Chijioke Nnanna Ibeku, Founder/ Principal Partner of Three.C's Met International Institute of Mediation Negotiation Counseling and Conciliation, Nigeria .pdf January 26, 2023 62.53 KB Download
Web_Mediation_conciliation as a means of resolving disputes_Chidy Martins_Nigeria Value and guidelines for conciliation as a means of resolving disputes Mr. Chidy Martins Lasbrey, former Vice President in charge of Marketing and Membership Drive of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Nigeria .pdf January 26, 2023 331.42 KB Download
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