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Gabon New Mediator of the Republic Appointed

2023/05/23 12:35:41 PM

After almost 7 years without a Mediator of the Republic, the institution has finally acquired a new leader. We are delighted to introduce Alexis Boutamba Mbina as the newly appointed Mediator of the Republic. This significant decision was made during the Council of Ministers held on Friday, April 28, 2023.

Background: Alexis Boutamba Mbina, a former Minister of Justice, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role as Mediator of the Republic. His strong commitment to public service is evident through his previous position as the deputy of the 1st seat of the department of Mougoutsi in the province of Nyanga.

Nomination Process: The appointment of the new Mediator of the Republic followed the provisions of the establishment ordinance, numbered 016/PR/2021, which was enacted on September 13, 2021. The Council of Ministers played a vital role in approving the appointment, recognizing Boutamba Mbina's qualifications and dedication.

Mission and Responsibilities: The Mediature of the Republic, established by ordinance n° 016/PR/2021, serves a crucial role in providing mediation functions, consultation, protection, and promotion of rights to administrations, local authorities, public establishments, and other bodies with a public service mission. Its aim is to contribute to the establishment of the rule of law, democracy, good administrative governance, and the pursuit of social peace.

Commitment and Implications: The new Mediator of the Republic, along with his team, as well as the Haut-Commissaire de la République, have made a solemn commitment to conscientiously fulfill their duties. They will work towards strengthening dialogue among the people of Gabon and preserving social harmony, which are highly valued by the President of the Republic.

Implications of the Appointment: As per article 11 of ordinance n° 016/PR/2021, Boutamba Mbina will relinquish his parliamentary mandate as the deputy of the 1st seat of the department of Mougoutsi. This requirement ensures the impartiality and effectiveness of the Mediator of the Republic, Mediator of the Deputy Republic, and Delegated Mediators.

The appointment of Boutamba Mbina as Mediator of the Republic is expected to bring significant changes to the institution. With his experience as a former Minister of Justice, he is well-equipped to uphold the mandate of the Mediature in providing mediation functions, consultation, protection, and promotion of rights to all public bodies.

African Ombudsman Research Centre (AORC)

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