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Web_January2024_Masering Customer Skills_Presentation_Paper _Hon. Ayo Yusuf .pdf Honorable Abimbola Ayo Yusuf, Ombudsman of Nigeria and Deputy Secretary General of AOMA - The core principles of excellent customer service April 10, 2024 163.37 KB Download
Web_January2024_Masering Customer Skills_Presentation_Paper _Adv. S.B. Tiroyakgosi .pdf Advocate Stephen Basi Tiroyakgosi, Ombudsman of Botwsana and AOMA Southern African Regional Coordinator - explore aligning customer service with organizational goals, recognizing the impact of customer satisfaction on operations April 10, 2024 195.82 KB Download
Web_March2024_Promoting Human Rights_Presentation_paper_Steve Onwuasoanya .pdf Mr. Steve Onwuasoanya, Human Rights Adviser, Governance and Tuesday, 26 March, 2024_Peace Directorate, The Commonwealth Secretariat United Kingdom - Investigating Human Rights Violations: The Mandate of Ombudsman Institutions April 10, 2024 186.52 KB Download
Web_March2024_Promoting Human Rights_Presentation_paper_Mathiew Mwaimu .pdf Hon. Justice (Rtd.) Matthew Pauwa Mhina Mwaimu, Ombudsman of Tanzania, -Understanding the Role of Ombudsman Institutions in Promoting Human Rights April 10, 2024 187.06 KB Download
Web_March2024 - Promoting Human Rights - Ombudsman Ontario -Paul Dubé .pdf Hon. Paul Dubé, Ombudsman of Ontario, Canada - Addressing Systemic Human Rights Issues: Challenges and Opportunities April 10, 2024 124.50 KB Download
Web_March2024_Promoting Human Rights_Opening Remarks_President of AOMA Promoting Human Rights: The Role of Ombudsman Institutions Tuesday, March 26, 2024 .pdf April 10, 2024 190.17 KB Download

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